#Viral# The Dress…

The Dress 1

 Mildly Interesting Stuff- #Viral#- THE DRESS

The Dress. you may have seen it doing the rounds on Facebook or Reddit.

What do you see in the top picture?

  • (a) a white dress with gold lace
  • (b) a blue dress with black lace

(Please comment below with what you saw first)


Well this has taken the internet by storm, people perceive this dress pictures above as either (a) or (b).

If you see (a) - the white dress with golden lace- and are currently thinking WTF am I reading, scroll down and look at the bottom image for 10 seconds, then scroll back up to the top.



Done it?



I KNOW. What is happening? You can also tilt your screen for the changes in your brain to take effect. Interestingly, if you look at a dark surface/colour/image for a few seconds, then look at the top image, it will look white- and if you look at a light surface it will then appear black. Weird.

Why is this happening? Click here to see the current discussion.




Here’s out favourite explanation:


Mildly Interesting Stuff