Vaping - Where do I start?

A few days ago, I wrote this article about electronic cigarettes. If you’re comfortable with the scientific proof that vaping is safe and you want to stop smoking, this guide is for you.

quitting smoking

Starting with a tough topic here aren’t I? There’s no guide on the planet that works for absolutely everyone, this is advice based on my personal experience.



Assuming you’re not convinced you should switch to vaping yet, here are some figures on how much money you could save in one year in comparison to smoking.



Average price of a pack of 20 cigarettes in the UK: £7.98
£7.98 / 20 = £0.40 per cigarette
£7.98 * 365 = £2912.7 per year



Average price of a 30ml bottle of vaporizer juice: ~£10.00

(The amount used will vary, but having switched for 4 months, I averagely use one 30ml bottle per week)

£10.00 / 7 = £1.45
£1.45 * 365 = £521 per year


There are of course other factors to consider with vaping.

  • Atomizers

The average price of an atomizer: ~£3.00

(I generally replace my atomizer every 2-3 weeks)

£3.00 / 14 = £0.21
£0.21 * 365 = £76.65 per year

  • Batteries & Tanks

The price of batteries & tanks will vary and you won’t be changing very often. I’ll assume most people will go for a mid-range setup which averagely costs around £30.


Total cost: £521 + £76.65 + £30 = £627.65 first year (-£30.00 after that!)



So in your first year of quitting smoking, you could save this much:

£2912.7 - £627.65 = £2285.05

Pretty good huh?


Health benefits

As mentioned in my previous article the current scientific research shows no adverse health effects linked with vaping. So you can expect to smell better (to other people too!), taste better, breathe better and sleep more deeply. Essentially, if you switch you’ll see all the benefits associated with quitting smoking, with some added flavor!



If you’re new to vaping, I’d recommend starting with the CE4 Starter Kit. This kit has everything you need to get started (except juice). It has 2 tanks and 2 batteries so you can always keep one fully charged, along with a decent carry case.



This is the point where I’d recommend buying parts separately, so you can really customize the experience. (I currently use this setup and I can vouch for its quality. I have used much more expensive tanks and batteries, but this is my daily driver, nothing has this combo beat for me so far!

Battery: Vision Spinner II

Tank: Kanger EVOD Glass 2 & Spare Atomizers



For the ultimate experience, I’d recommend the Aspire Nautilus with any battery that you can alter the voltage output on. You can really adjust the hit/cloud/flavour output to exactly how you’d like it, and the huge tank won’t run out of juice for at least a couple days!

This section will be pretty small because it’s mainly about personal preference. But I’d definitely recommend starting with a flavour you know you’re gonna like. Most people will go for something simple like peppermint (I’m using this right now) or something sweet like strawberry. Basically don’t put yourself off vaping by going for a crazy flavour that might not hit the spot!
It’s important to take care of your vaporizer. So some pointers are:

  • Keep the contact between the battery and tank clean
  • Wash out your tank and mouthpiece whenever you change the atomizer
  • Replace the atomizer every 2-3 weeks

If you don’t take care of your vaporizer you may experience a sort of metallic burning taste (this can also be a sign that you need to change your atomizer) so make sure you keep it clean!


Thanks for reading this short guide. If you have any questions/comments/suggestions, don’t hesitate to let me know in the comment section!


Daniel | March 29th, 2015

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