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Hololens - What is it?

Okay so as we all know, (well, most of us anyway) Microsoft will be releasing this ‘Hololense’ to complement their next operating system- Windows 10.

Now this whole concept is probably their answer to Google glass; however they have gone one step further. A giant leap further, actually.

This ‘augments’ the world around you to a whole new level. It tracks your eye movements and creates interactive 3D objects in real-time: It’s like it is actually there. Imagine looking at virtual TV’s, playing games like Minecraft (look at the cover image), collaborating with colleagues, or meeting people; this can all be done virtually with these goggles.

Imagine popping these glasses on and looking at your wall mounted TV, and then thinking “oh, wish my screen was bigger for the game…” Well now you can just resize it. Yup, like you’d resize a browser window, you can just make it bigger. Oh, and that wall mounted TV isn’t really there either- It is all augmented reality. A great visual of this is the next picture. #MindBlown




I know what you’re probably thinking right now. So, it’s great having a virtual TV, but what about watching it ‘with’ someone? You know, the good old days of actually doing things rather than virtually doing things? Well I personally hope that you can synchronise multiple of these together to create this virtual world that you can share with others.


The Holographic Lens by Microsoft


How much will it cost, and when can I get one?

Early speculation puts it in the region of about £500. The when is also an estimate of Late 2015- I’d imagine that would want a Christmas release- so I would have to say this is quite accurate. Watch this space.

Anyway, check out Microsoft’s official video promoting this. I have to say, I am really excited for this!



More Possibilities

Literally speaking, the  possibilities are endless. Imagine exploring a place from every angle that you have never been to before- or imagine exploring somewhere that you are unable to get to; like Mars for instance? That is what the image below is depicting.



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Louis | March 1st, 2015

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