Who wants warp-drive? No, really… go ask NASA.

An artists impression of what NASA’s drive could look like


So, you’ve watched Star Trek and Star Wars, and you probably thought it would be rather useful to have some of the technology that is available in these films… well now that may be a reality.


The warp drive would expand space behind it and compress it in front. The result would be the drive moving ‘down’ the slope

Essentially the physics is viable. If you were to somehow (keyword ‘somehow’) expand space behind the warp drive, and compress it in front of it then the drive should travel down the ‘slope’ as depicted above.

It’s a bit like those old toys you used to get, where two strings go through a rugby ball shaped ball, and two people hold either end of both of the strings. When one person extends the strings outward and one person inwards, the ball will travel to the person who is in the inward position.

Anyway, first thing we’ll need is anti-matter. Now where did I leave mine…