Unified Weapons Master- A New Sport?

Unified Weapons Master- What is it?

Your first thought may be “well this is just like UFC” and you would have more or less hit the nail on the head, except for the glaringly obvious: they have weapons and are wearing armour.

The Armour is the only thing new about this sport. It has sensors built into the armour which will -when struck- transmit details about the blow to a computer to score points, and decrease a virtual health bar (Sounds a lot like Tekken).

This is the bit which could propel this sport into mainstream sports. Obviously this is the prototype and there is a lot more work to be done, as you can see from the video below the armour does restrict movement quite a lot. I’m sure this will be ironed out if this sport gets the traction it needs though.

I, for one, have high hopes about UWM!

Now, the weapons and the full-contact thingy, is not new. I will talk about this more after I show you a video of what is to come:

UWM. The New UFC?

It’s been a while since full-on gladiator style two people killing each other in a coliseum for banter, but when we came to our senses and realised that was a little wrong and a bit too much, we then settled for other friendlier sports like boxing, wrestling, and  other Martial Arts- then progressing recently into UFC, which is probably the most violent legal sport today.

However, with the taste still being there to watch a good old ruckus, this does seem like the logical next step.

UWM is the new concept of going full whack at each other, but with weapons… wait, what? This isn’t a new concept? The Polish beat the them to it I hear you cry?

Yup. the Polish Medieval Combat League has well and truly taken the title of ‘we did this first’ here.

Just watch this.


Amazing, but will it ever hit the TV?

If UWM gets all the funding, support and traction that it needs then UWM could easily go mainstream. Check out their website here http://uwm.tv/ - it does look like it will start online but I really think that it will not be long before it hits our TV sets and you see people betting on it at the local bookies.

So there it is. It is a ‘new’ sport with hi-tech armour and a promise of a new type of entertainment.


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