Forget Optimus Prime, this is way cooler (and real). Meet the Kormaran transformer!

Check this out. Meet the Kormaran transformer!

One minute its a normal boat, the next a catamaran, the next a trimaran, and then even a hydrofoil.

In addition to its four drive configurations, the Kormaran can serve as a swimming platform when anchored. The nose of the body transforms into a flat teak deck via two fold-out sections. That combines with the fold-out teak panels that fill the space between the outer hulls and central hull, providing ample space for occupants to sunbathe and dive into the water.

Kormaran complements its innovative design with high-end materials. The boat’s main structure is crafted from carbon fiber, one of the elements the company has borrowed from the F1 racing world. The hydraulic arms are a combination of stainless steel and titanium, while the interior is trimmed in leather. The hull and deck surfaces use a black-jointed teak. A lighting system provides for night navigation.

The Kormaran prototype made its world debut in June and will be appearing at the Monaco Yacht Show later this month. The company’s materials don’t list a production date or estimated pricing, but we assume it didn’t invest a reported €10,000,000 (US $13M) without planning to hawk a couple of these to wealthy yacht owners.