Are you Tony Stark? If so, get this: The Xhibitionist superyacht.


The absolutely astonishing superyacht- dubbed the ‘Xhibitionist superyacht’- is the first of its kind. It is built for parties and exhibitions, and can accommodate up to six-hundred guests. Yes, 600 people! Pre-drinks anyone?

Firstly, its looks. It looks just like a supercar from the side. The enormous ‘wheel arches’ at the aft provide some shade on the decking area, and the ‘bonnet’ is able to transform into a helipad, providing space for not one, not two; but three small helicopters to land on.

Its incredible looks is enough to charm anyone onto it; but thats not all. It has different ‘modes’ to suit different occasions:

Mode 1: Guest Mode

Guest mode can accommodate up to 600 people, and has a restaurant which can service up to 400 at a time.

Mode 2: Showroom mode

This basically allows a huge open platform to display large objects. Personally, if I had one of these, my ‘showroom’ mode would probably be a ‘indoor football’ mode.

Mode 3: Store mode

This mode allows it to look like a shopping mall, so that you can sell your stuff. Simple, yet attractive.

When your work is done after you’ve sold a couple of Veyrons whilst in showroom mode, you can then chill out with a bottle of Bollinger and a few smoking hot supermodels on this amazing deck, watching the stars before retiring into the master bedroom.

Did I mention there is also a matching supercar available? Check out the video below: