The New mini 360 camera for Android

The Insta360 Air captures stunning 360-degree HD images, videos and livestreams to social media.


The portable camera comes in four fashionable colors. Matte black evokes a classic tone compared to the contemporary crisp white and silver version, or for the daring, choose a ravishing rose pink or rich gold.


The compact camera is lightweight and ultra portable. Compared with conventional 360° cameras the Insta360 Air is designed as an extension of the smartphone rather than a bulky add-on.


360° Photo Demo 1                                     360° Photo Demo 2

Featuring an advanced 210° dual fish-eye lens and real-time image stitching the Insta360 Air captures images in the round, so nothing and no one is out of shot. With 3K stills and 2K videos (3K ready with selected Android smartphones e.g. Samsung S7), the camera boasts professional resolution at an everyday price.

The powerful device can also be used as a 360 webcam which users connect to laptops via the multifunctional extension cable to capture 360° video or livestream for longer periods of time.


The Insta360 Air’s built-in advanced stabilization algorithm increases precision and makes it easy for everyone to capture smooth panoramic shots.


Livestream parties, gigs and festivals to any 360-degree livestreaming platform such as YouTube or share images and videos easily with one-click uploads to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Messenger and WhatsApp.


The Insta360 Air is simple to use. Once connected to an Android device the app automatically activates, which ensures the perfect pano shot is never missed. The app also features image and video editing tools so that users can create visual masterpieces specific to their taste.


Shoot stunning 360° photos and videos with the Insta360 Air, switch to VR mode and use a VR viewer or headset to experience them in a truly immersive way.





We are an ambitious and dedicated team of 200 people. Our dream is to create the most advanced yet affordable 360° cameras and accessories available to everyone. We can’t wait to see the awesome pictures and videos our backers will make with the Insta360 Air. With your help we will bring this pioneering smartphone camera to all Android users.





Is the Insta360 Air compatible with Type-C connector?

Yes, it is compatible with both a micro USB and a Type-C connector.

Is there any protection for the camera?

Yes, a well-designed rubber protector will come with the package.

Where will the 360° images and videos be stored?

360° images and videos will be stored directly on the user’s Android device.

What is the image size?

Each image is almost 3-4MB.

How can I share the panoramic images with my friends?

With one click users can share the 360° photos and videos immediately with friends via social media, this includes Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, WhatsApp, WeChat and Messenger.

Does Insta360 Air support livestreaming?

Yes, Insta360 Air can livestream from the Android smartphone to any 360° live platform such as YouTube.

What is the resolution of the Insta360 Air camera?

Insta360 Air is featured with a resolution of 3008×1504 (3K) for images and 2560 x 1280 (2K) videos. On some Android systems, the videos can have 3008 x 1504 (3K) resolution. This includes the latest Android mobiles such as Samsung S7, S7 edge, and Huawei P9.

What is the camera size and weight?

38mm(diameter) × 39.5mm(height). And it weighs 26.5g.

Can I edit the photo and video before sharing?

Photos and videos can be edited within the Insta360 Air Android app. This includes exposure and white balance filters and a self-timer function.

Can I view the 360° photos and videos with VR Glass?

Yes, put the Insta360 Air in VR mode and use with VR Glass or cardboard for a truly immersive experience.

Do I need to install apps to use with the Insta360 Air camera?

Yes, please download the Insta360 Air app.

How long can the battery last when recording a video?

The Insta360 Air does not include battery inside. So it depends on the phone battery and memory.

Does it work with iPhones?

Insta360 Air is only compatible with Android Phones. The Insta360 Nano is the version for iPhones, it is already on the market and can be bought on Amazon here.

Does it come with a transfer cable to use with laptops or computers?

Yes, it does. But just make sure it is compatible with micro USB or USB Type-C.


Take incredible 360° selfies with the Insta360 Nano, the world’s first video camera which shoots and live-streams perfect HD 360-degree stills and video directly from your iPhone.

The compact camera simply clips onto an iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 6, 6 Plus, 6s or 6s Plus. You can then share your images and videos instantly with your social media followers on Twitter and Facebook. The Insta360 packaging is easily converted into a Google Cardboard VR viewer, to let followers, friends and family instantly experience users’ immersive video masterpieces.

Learn more about the Insta360 Nano here.


Established in 2014, Shenzhen Arashi Vision Co. Ltd is a consumer technology company committed to creating the world’s most advanced and affordable 360-degree cameras. Designed lightweight and portable the products can be used in tourism, real estate, mass media, events and conferences, among other industries. With a vested interest in virtual reality, users can view the content created by the cameras in VR headsets for a truly immersive experience.

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