Spot. The mini agile robot

Robots are getting more and more agile and ‘life-like’ as time progresses, but to see the latest video demonstrating their latest one- Spot- It is clear that they have fine tuned this remarkably.

Boston Dynamics are hard at work, ever since they released their first video of Big Dog (in second video), it took the internet  by storm, capturing peoples imaginations of what could possible come next?

Big Dog and LS3 are two more versions that were originally designed by Boston Dynamics for a military application- no, not killing people, but rather supporting our troops by efficiently carrying big loads or wounded soldiers out of harms way.

Boston Dynamics aren’t saying a lot about Spot, except for it’s designed for both indoor and outdoor operations. (thanks for that great piece of information, I guess). Anyway, check out the video below:

So that’s where were at now. If you look at the next video from 1:22, then you will see another example of just how agile these things are- something which the first video only touches upon at 0:22 in.

Yes, it does look creepy and scarily life like?!

Such an agile robot! I wonder what is next…


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