Share the power! Samsung’s new power sharing cable


Samsung is leading the way once more with their new ‘out-of-the-box’ idea of being able to charge ANY (yes, any) micro USB rechargeable device, directly from your smartphone or tablet.

This could be a game-changer in the mobile technology sector: imagine running out of battery on your beloved Samsung Galaxy S5 and in desperate need to make an all important phone call- but luckily you have your Samsung Galaxy Tab on you, and it’s fully charged. No worries, just take out your special cable, plug both ends in and set the Samsung Companion App on the tablet to start charging. Now you can make your important phone call.

Above: Samsung’s power sharing cable

I believe that Samsung may have had their smartwatch in mind when coming up with this idea. Firstly, the picture suggests this, but secondly the smart watch is probably going to see more usage whilst the phones will stay in our pockets. But wait “my phone is always low on charge, I wouldn’t want to waste that charging up my smartwatch”  I hear you cry.  Potentially not: The screen is actually the most power inefficient aspect of the phone. Take into account the fact that it would be in your pocket/handbag with the screen off a lot more, and there you should find an increase in battery life when using a smart watch.

(Try it. Go to Settings > More> Battery to see how much power your screen uses compared to everything else.)