Punctuality Problems? Not anymore!

Looks quite safe

I would love this for my commute to the office

Well, providing that it is good weather (not very likely in the UK), I would actually love one of these.

Either way, the Mosquito’s designer John Uptigrove is a mechanical engineer by trade and like a lot of people always dreamed of being able to fly. “By creating an ultralight helicopter it offers that ability without all the cost and hassle of dealing with air regs,” says Uptigrove. To date, Uptigrove’s Innovator Technologies has sold 37 mosquito kits (two in Japan, two in Canada, one in Spain, one in France, one in Belgium and the remainder in the US) and a dozen have been built to airworthiness by their purchasers at the time of going to press. The open frame Mosquito first became available in 2002 and the XE model was brought on in 2004.

All of the mosquitoes sold so far have been built in kit form, though the company has just begun offering a factory build program and the first factory-finished Mosquito is being finished as you read this.

The birds are typically used for “recreational flight for the most part,” says Uptigrove.


(Source http://www.gizmag.com/)