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Here it is. The future is closer than we think, and this is about to change the way that electronics is perceived and used for good- and it’s actually good for the planet.

Google’s new project- “Project Ara” is starting to do just that. Thought up by the clever people over at PhoneBlocks, Google then partnered with them to design ‘sustainable’ and ‘waste friendly’ electronics.

Project Ara / PhoneBlocks waves goodbye to built in obsolescence and waste!


What’s the fuss about, anyway?

Essentially this changes the game when it comes to electronics- specifically phones- which is something which is now considered to be essential in every day life.

Spent hundreds on a phone contract, for your phone to break, then you have to wait until the end of the contract to upgrade? Not any more. With this, you would simply replace the damaged part.

All of your friends are getting the newest phones, and you feel left out? Again, not any more. Just upgrade the blocks.

Not only that, the most exciting part is the customisation. Look at the picture below. Imagine having different customisable blocks to swap out to suit the occasion, imagine having different coloured blocks to change with your outfit- imagine Designer blocks from Gucci… over the top? Maybe, but the possibilities are literally endless for this. Check out the bottom image for a concept of all the different brands that may be available.



How did it come about?

When Dave’s camera broke and there was no means to fix it, he started thinking about how consumer electronics could be designed in such a way that would make them easier to repair, easy to upgrade. In essence making consumer electronics longer lasting by ending planned obsolescence, at the same time as reducing electronic waste. Modularity was and still is, the answer. Beginning with one of the fastest growing electronic waste streams, mobile phones, Phonebloks was born.”

This is what PhoneBlocks say on their website. Check out the Video below; albeit old, it sums up nicely what’s to come.




I need one in my life NOW. How do I get one?

Whoa, slow down there. They are planning to release a preview/ pilot model this year, and I can see this being in time for Christmas; however I can see this fully taking to the market early/mid 2016. Start saving now!


How do I get involved?

Simple. go onto Google’s Project Ara website by clicking here.

Finally, this is Google’s video about all of this:




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