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First off, this invention is going to either succeed massively, or fail miserably. Now, before you answer that in your head, lets look at some of the facts:


So, what exactly is this?

The AeroMobil 3.0 is essentially a road-legal compact aeroplane. I would not class this as a ‘flying car’, simply because the term ‘flying car’ really insinuates something which anyone could get in their driveway or garage- Unless you’re very well off- and I certainly can’t see this parking at the side of the road either: the CAA would have a heart-attack.

Now, if you think of this as what it is (a road-legal aeroplane) then it is absolutely amazing. Really.

Most planes have to be kept at an airport, and/or in a hangar which itself is costly. Not only is flying very expensive (because maintenance, fuel etc) but the price adds up when you think you have to fork out for parking it even when it’s not flying!

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With this, it allows you to drive it out of the airport. Bad weather? No problem- you can just drive instead. Lots of traffic?- Let’s fly there instead.

This could be the next big thing for people with a Private Pilots License. As someone who is planning on getting a PPL as soon as I can afford it, this really does get my imagination going.

Also here’s a video:


As I said, I am planning on getting my PPL as soon as possible, and I would love one of these. However, the reality of it is that this is probably very expensive to maintain. Questions arise like:

- Where do I get a MOT? It’s not like my mate Dave can do it for £30 down at the local garage.

- Where do I hire this? You wont find this in the Rolls Royce hire department at your car rental provider.....
- Insurance? It’s ridiculously expensive for something which doesn’t leave the ground, let alone this.
- Maintenance? Let us not forget it is an aircraft and will be subject to the CAA’s strict rules and regulations.
- What happens if I run out of fuel in mid-air? It’s not like the PAL-V with built-in Gyro tech to safely bring you down.

… speaking of the PAL-V, I’d much rather have one of those. Curious? You should be. Pictured below:

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Now that’s more like a flying car. It could fit in your living room!!!!

For more information, visit: or check back later this week for my article!


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