Modular Technology- Where Lego and Computers Meet!

Isn’t it about time that we came up with something new when it comes to the way we use IT? Well, Australia’s One Education have done just that- by adopting a modular design for their children’s laptops.

Amazing idea.

What excites me about this, is that it is the beginning of something which I believe will explode into a much bigger market very soon. It gives you a base- a starting point- something to build on. As you can see, from the images in this article, parts are colour coded and they can be swapped out and upgraded as easily as you would remove your laptop battery.

The image above depicts what they’re trying to do very well. You start with a base, build up, upgrade parts, and eventually, you end up with bigger, bolder, and better technology, which, grows with your child.

Furthermore, the design is brilliant, the whole thing is robust and designed to last. The delicate computing parts are protected by hard wearing plastic, which means that this isn’t going to break as easily as any other laptop would.

The benefits are endless, even if you need to repair it, you don’t need to be an IT expert to do so- simply swap out the damaged part: that’s literally all there is to it!

The predecessor is already available in Australia, with this new concept ‘on the way’ but not officially announced yet, and these guys do boast that this new product is designed to outlast a childhood and I can honestly say that I believe them!

Most laptops get old and slow after about a year or two, and then people get annoyed with them and eventually use them as paperweights once they’ve purchased an entirely new system. This product is aimed at kids, but imagine where this will take us in a few years… Professional modular laptops? Modular phones maybe… who knows?

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