Modular Revolution Starts September 2015: Fonkraft, PhoneBloks and Project Ara

Fonkraft Modular Smartphone


Fonkraft, Project Ara and PhoneBloks

Okay- first thing is first; read my other two articles in order to gain a basic understanding if you don’t already know:

Right, I doubt any of you have, but oh well, here goes!

What is Fonkraft?

The below is taken directly from their crowd funding article on There’s really no better way to explain it until I review it!




Since there is so many modules you can choose from, and the settings that you can come up with are even more, we’ve eliminated the hustle for you and presented four preconfigured Fonkraft smartphones so you can choose the one that suits you at this moment most.

This is a basic and budget-friendly configuration with one thing that stands out the most: battery life. In standby, it can last up to 550 hours, with up to 30 hours of talktime and up to 90 hours of listening to music.

This is a configuration for those who understand a difference between a basic camera and a good camera. Fonkraft Resolution has a 20MP camera-module with sophisticated optics – one of the best smartphone cameras of this day which allows you to take professional shots. Because hi-res photos take up a lot of space, we thought about storage in advance, which is 64GB in this model.

This is for audiophile enthusiasts. It has a 192kHz HiFi module made out of wood, and it guarantees an excellent sound. It would be considered a sin to listen to mp3 on Fonkraft HiFi and because high-fidelity music takes up a lot of space. We’ve thought about the storage on this device too and pumped it up to 64GB.

Do you find yourself liking all the presented preconfigured options but unsure of which one to choose? Then Fonkraft Elements is for you. It has all the modules so you can make Pilot, Resolution, or HiFi on your own.

The modules and configurations we present now are just the beginning and a small part of what Fonkraft can truly achieve. Right now we’re in the development of new modules and configurations.

Visit our site - At the moment it is in beta, but very soon it’s going to be the place for every Fonkrafter and the centre of our community.
We especially want to mention the store where you can buy not only new configurations, but also individual modules for the Fonkraft.

Think about Fonkraft as an open hardware platform, where brands and indie developers can create their own modules and then sell them via our shop.

Want one?

I certainty do. In fact, I will purchase one and then review it as soon as I receive it! #CannotWait


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