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First of all, let me get one thing clear. Personally, I am not Apple’s biggest fan and do not ‘fanboy’ them in any way, but I had to review this. This watch stands out from the crowd as it possesses one thing that other smart watches do not.

New technology.

Well, not ‘new’ technology as such, but existing technology that is used in a different way. I am talking about the haptic feedback, or as Apple dub it- Taptic Feedback. It lets you send a ‘tap’ to another iWatch user. This is great- Imagine being at a house party or somewhere where someone is potentially going to be socially uncomfortable. You then agree with your friend that 3 taps means “let’s get out of here”, then low and behold, after you spot your ex, you tap three times and your mate comes to your rescue.

Alternatively, if you’re missing your significant other as they are away on business or holiday, it can be used to feel their actual heart beat on your wrist. Aww.


Anyway, let’s look at some of the other features.


Fine adjustment- this allows easy zooming and easy selection of options by turning the wheel on the side of the watch- just like how you adjust the time on a normal watch. This feature is great on its own, as it can be hard to tap precisely whilst walking or running. 10/10 for this.


Battery life is meant to last ‘all day’ which I can see being a bit of a nightmare over time, when the cells deplete and you need to charge it every few hours. However, we shall see. It does have a cool magnetic stethoscope like charger, which satisfyingly clips into place to charge. I can already imagine this being integrated into a nifty looking desk mount.

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Soft tapping and Hard pressing- Yes, this know the difference. It knows the difference between a soft tap and a hard press, and it has different functionality for both. It uses its own patented technology to do this. There’s more in the video below which does a very good job of visualising this function.




Quick Replies are not new but are awesome, especially when they’re intuitive like these are. Someone texts you “where are you?” and it will generate a reply based on the message- now that’s something new. Check out the two pictures below which show this in an example:



Release Date & Pricing

Pre order- April 10th

Shipping date- April 24th

Price- £300

Make sure you check out the trailer for it below. It’s 10 minutes long, but worth it.



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