Introducing the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST)

What is all the fuss about the JWST anyway?

Like the Hubble, all of the hype surrounding launching a telescope into space should be exciting news.

Why I hear you cry?

Well my first response would be “why not?”, but then I’d get out of my childish mindset that I appear to be in most of the time, and I might then go on to say that this will replace the Hubble.

Again, why replace the Hubble? isn’t it doing a sterling job up there now? Well yes it is, but it is very old kit and its capabilities has just reached it’s limits.


So, this new telescope, how much better than the Hubble is it?

For comparison, check out the image below:

What this means is that the JWST will be able to see further into the past then the Hubble. The JWST is rumoured to be able to see just 200 million years after the ‘big bang’ (big bang is in quotes there as, don’t forget, it is still a Theory (most likely theory) and not science fact yet!).

200 million years in cosmic terms is not very long at all, which the image above does quite well in visualising. Another image that visualises the JWST capabilities is below:

That’s a long damn way into the past.

With the JWST we can extend our understanding of the universe by observing the very first stars and galaxies form. Exciting stuff. Check out the trailer below:


JWST will launch in 2018 from French Guiana.

Anyway, click here to visit the NASA JWST website for more information, and watch this ‘space’… *tumbleweed*


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