The future’s… not as bright as the past?! Glowing tyres circa 1961


The year is 1961, and a company called Goodyear had their sights set on something fun (or ostentatious, it’s your call) . Imagine pulling up to a social gathering in your 1956 caddy, you and your partner dressed to the nines, listening to Frank Sinatra and having a cigar protruding from your lips.

Everyone turns to look as you as a ghostly glow radiates from the underside of your car. “Is it on fire?”- no. “is it possessed by a glowing demon?”- no… It just has Glowing Tyres????

Yes, this is real folks. Pointless, and you’d have to be a little bit mad to buy them, but they did exist.

The tires were made from a single piece of synthetic rubber and were lit by bulbs, which had been mounted inside the wheel rim.

So there we have it. Pointless but fun.

Are these worth a come back? Imagine your local boy racers sporting these.