Electronic Cigarettes - Smoking in the modern age

Electronic cigarettes are a hot topic right now and even though a lot of smokers have decided to make the switch, they’re still viewed with mysticism and criticism.

I use an e-cig myself, and I’ve definitely noticed the short term benefits of switching over from around 10 to 15 roll-ups a day to my vaporizer. Even just the simple things like being able to smell, taste and breathe properly again have made a huge difference in my day to day life. The biggest plus for me though is that I can practically vape anywhere, without producing the horrible odour of a cigarette.

The Science

All of the recent science research points towards vaping being a much healthier alternative which does not cause wrinkles or fine lines, and personally (having switched over 4 months ago) I tend to agree with what this research shows.

Click here to read the research I’m referring to

The article linked above states:

“The current state of knowledge about chemistry of liquids and aerosols associated with electronic cigarettes indicates that there is no evidence that vaping produces inhalable exposures to contaminants of the aerosol that would warrant health concerns by the standards that are used to ensure safety of workplaces”

But the absolute fact, that no-one can deny, is what the long-term health effects of vaping are. We really won’t know this for at least a few years, when case-studies on long term vaporizer smokers can be conducted more easily.


Where do I start?

In the meantime, I would still (based on the current scientific evidence and my personal experience) recommend that if you’re thinking about switching, do it.

If you’re interested in vaping, keep an eye on blog-off for the next few days. I’ll be posting a review on some of the starter kits currently on the market (which I’ve had experience with) and give a verdict on what I think is the best kit/flavours for someone new to vaping.

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