Project Nova + Project Ara = The Mobile & Data Revolution


Project Nova-

If you are one of our followers then you may have read my article on Project Ara: however project Nova is designed to complement Ara to revolutionise how we use our mobiles today.

In very simple terms, Google’s project Nova will see Google collaborate with all (yes, all) mobile network providers so that they can provide you with one single contract. Google will offer their ‘single’ contract out, which will mean you have mobile signal wherever you are.

Imagine no roaming charges, getting signal where previously only other people did, harnessing the power of all networks combined so that all are equal- and with what 5G speeds will add to this- it is mind blowing.

Just a side note, but 5G speeds are around 7.5Gbps from early trials- which is totally insane (obviously when everyone gets 5G this speed will decrease, but it will still be a damn sight faster than 4G).

4G speeds are about 100Mbps (or 12.5MB); 5G is 25 times faster!

You will have no need for home broadband if this all goes to plan!



Project Ara Update

Yes there is a working prototype. Check out the new video below to see the update from PhoneBloks:


More details-

We are now looking at a January 2016 release of something which looks just like the above. Early rumours speculate that you will be able to buy the ‘bare phone’- or the grey bit to you and me- for around £50. Then you will be able to specify what modules you want and build your own phone!

Exciting stuff!

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